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Certified by The 730


The 730 hereby certifies “Victoria Beckham: Coming to America” as Pop Culture genius.

This certification will be awarded anytime Lauren and I agree on the genius of any one thing.

I think the show really does showcase Victoria’s wit and sense of humor in a really charming and endearing way. But just when you think, man, she’s just like anyone else. She arrives somewhere in what are surely two bulletproof Cadillac Escalades and enough bodyguards to protect the entire field of 2008 presidential candidates.

If the Beckhams never do anything else in this country, I seriously hope they consider making more episodes.


Victoria Beckham: Coming to America (and my heart)

Remember how I said I love reality tv? Well I do. And to demonstrate that, I’m posting twice in one day on yet another reality television show.

First things first. Victoria Beckham? Not the heinous shrew I once believed her to be. She’s actually a really funny chick. I flipped across her new show in an effort to keep my Tivo from recording South Park (I loath South Park, but that’s a post for another day). I had no intention of watching Vicki pout and not eat her way through an hour of my life. But one zinger after another and I was glued!

From commentary on botoxed over the hill Hollywood “socialites” to an attempt to fake out the paparazzi with a very well-coiffed blow up doll, the woman is full of British charm and humour. And guess what? She smiles!

Exhausted from a long day, I won’t spend too much time recapping. I will say that reviews of the show have been poor, which shocks the hell out of me. Beckham is, for me, the trendier, more famous, British Kathy Griffin. I love her. To illustrate this, I will leave you with an exchange from the show between Beckham and noted celeb-hater-blogger Perez Hilton in a coffee shop.

Hilton: I got you a cookie!
Beckham: Isn’t that nice of you. [gestures to piles of paparazzi outside the cafe] Unfortunately I can’t be seen eating or smiling. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to make myself miserable again. [exits cafe with trademark pout]