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Say it ain’t so, Bear!


The New York Post has an interview with a former consultant from the riveting Discovery Channel show, Man vs. Wild, who says the show’s host, Bear Grylls doesn’t really have it as rough as it would appear.

Mark Weinart, an Oregon-based survival expert, told the Post:

“If you really believe everything happens the way it is shown on TV, you are being a little bit naive.”

According to Weinart, the survivalist spent some nights in a cushy lodge with the show’s crew when he was shown on the show to be staying, of course, in the wild in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California.

I guess I’m not awfully surprised by this, if not a little disappointed. What a viewer has to consider when watching a show like this is that the production has every advantage in portraying reality in any way they wish. If they want to make it look like he has to make a makeshift hut out of sod or narrowly escape a death by yetis, they can do that regardless of whether or not the danger was that imminent or if yetis are real.

I still find the show and Grylls impressive, I’ll still watch it when it comes on (my girlfriend will still roll her eyes when I do) but I think now every time you see something on the show you have to wonder if it really happened that way.

For my money, I like Survivorman. Les Stroud is a poor man’s Canadian Bear Grylls.